Double snaps shims

LL-101Following its success in Europe, Broadfix have launched the new double snap shim in the North American market. This unique product snaps easily in either direction at incremental score points along its length making it very fast to use – simply insert to the required depth and snap off the excess material. Being plastic, the shim is totally rot proof and termite proof and has very high compressive strength.

Money saving tip – use the snapped off portion for another shimming application!

New packaging for plastic shims!

LL-115In order to reduce their carbon footprint, Broadfix have designed new packaging for their ranges of plastic shims designed to allow a much greater packing density to reduce freight volumes. This new packaging is much better for our retailers too, as it allows more product to be displayed in less retail space. Good too for the customer as the packs are resealable after opening.

Coming Soon – our new nesting shim!

Load_ShimsUnder development and soon to be launched is the new Broadfix high impact loadbearing nesting shim. The “nesting” design allows shims to be stacked on top of one another without slippage to support extremely high loads without compressing. Typical applications are for on-site shimming of large pre-fabricated walls or supporting concrete or steel structures where high compressive strength is an essential element.

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